Dear colleague,

The 4th edition of ENEO/ENDOINCA (International Meeting & Workshop on Oncological Endoscopy) will be held at the Endoscopy Unit of the Instituto Nacional de Cancer (INCA) on September 11th, 12th and 13th 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As has been done on preceding successful events, we will keep our objective in spreading scientific knowledge on prevention, early diagnosis, staging and treatment of gastrointestinal neoplasia. This year, the event is adding discussions on Pathology as well as including Oncological Respiratory Endoscopy and an extra day when the following three pre-congress courses will take place:

• 2nd French-Brazilian Course on Endomicroscopy;
• 1st Course on Publishing in International Journals, and
• 1st Course on Oncological Respiratory Endoscopy.

We hope to provide you opportunities to interact with world renowned experts as well as a strong forum for discussion and learning among health care providers that deal with gastrointestinal cancer by emphasyzing techniques, indications and procedure limitations, and the required personal and professional abilities to perform them.

We invite and welcome you to attend this event here at INCA in Rio de Janeiro.

Simone Guaraldi e Gilberto Mansur
Course Directors - ENEO 2014
Instituto Nacional de Cancer José de Alencar Gomes da Silva
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)