PRI in Person Draft Agenda 2012

Thursday, June 28


8:00-8:55am - Registration and Welcome Coffee






PRI Welcome: Wolfgang Engshuber, Chair, PRI


9:00-9:20am - Keynote 1


9:25-9:45am - Keynote 2



Panel I: Fixing the system: how can responsible investors take the lead?


• Financial stability

• Income inequality

• Ecological Services, climate and natural resources disruptions

*Keynote 1 and 2 will be asked to be part of this panel


10:40-11:10am - Coffee break



PANEL II: Does shareholder engagement work?

This session will discuss how to evaluate effectiveness of engagements and lessons learnt.

PANEL III: ESG integration: 4 cases in 40 minutes

Four signatories will each deliver a 10 minute TED-style talk on how they integrate ESG issues into their portfolios. Followed by a roundtable discussion.

PANEL IV: Climate risks: how do insurers analyse them?

Leading insurance and re-insurance firms explain how they forecast, quantify and integrate climate risks.


12:10-1:10pm - Lunch



Panel V: What are exchange traded funds and can they turn toxic?

Investors want access to sophisticated investment strategies that smooth volatility and enhance returns. But are exchange traded funds the way to achieve these aims, or are they a source of contagion and systemic risk?

Panel VI: Energy security or environmental disaster? The role of unconventional fossil fuels in investor portfolios.

This session will cover risk issues around fracking, shale gas and tar sands.

Panel VII: Labour pains: managing human capital

Presenting recent research on human capital management by Harvard Business School commissioned by US asset owners. Hear insights on the topic and how it can be material for investors.



Panel VIII - Focus on Brazil 1: Top 5 ESG issues for shareholder engagement in Brazil

Which issues are important in Brazil, and relevant to investors globally?

Panel IX: Can PRI signatories invest in hedge funds responsibly?

Focus on what investors in hedge funds should consider before investing: the PRI Hedge Funds work stream will launch a discussion paper.


3:20-3:50pm - Coffee break



Panel X: Asset owner only session.

Aligning investment managers with asset owners’ real long-term interests: time to get serious?
Asset owner private dialogue to discuss how they can better incentivise and send clear signals to managers around long-term responsible investment.

Panel XI: Investment manager and service provider only session.

Are asset owners sending mixed signals about RI in their portfolios?
Investment managers and service providers provide a ‘reality check’ on the signals coming from asset owners.



Panel XII: Groups come together. Moderators relay feedback from both sessions and discuss possible solutions.
Moderated by Rob Lake



Panel XIII: Praying for Rain – can responsible investment mitigate the risks around pushing our ecological limits?

Climate change and resource scarcity are quickly becoming part of the new security agenda due to its implications for food and water security, displacement of populations, political stability and challenges of energy production. Ecosystems which are coming under pressure, such as the world's tropical rainforests, play a vital role in producing and delivering rainfall around the world. Deforestation in the Amazon is likely to significantly reduce the availability of rainfall in the US and South America, two of the grain hubs of the world. As water is also for hydro electricity, these systemic risks pose a fundamental challenge to a broader range of investors and asset owners. The session will explore some of these issues, bringing together the insight from scientists, risk managers and commodity investors:

• How can responsible investors prepare for a world of ecological limits?

• Can these risks be turned into opportunities?


6:00-10:00pm - Networking dinner


Friday, June 29


8:00-8:30am - Registration





Signatory General Meeting

Breakfast and coffee will be served

- PRI strategy update
- Financial results
- The PRI’s role in public policy and thought leadership: table discussions
- Signatory feedback and input


10:15-10:35am - Keynote 3


10:35-11:00am: Coffee Break



Panel XIV: US$ 1 trillion in seven years – where next for investing in clean tech?
(OECD, Philip Walker)

Panel XV - Focus on Brazil 2: Leading Brazilian brokers apply ESG analysis to leading Brazilian companies and discuss their approaches to ESG integration

Panel XVI: I’ll have soy with that: Understanding the biodiversity and sustainability risks

Soybean is one of Brazil’s top exports, but what are the sustainability risks, particularly in company supply chains? The Roundtable for Responsible Soy, Forest Footprint Disclosure and IFC will discuss what investors need to know.



Panel XVII: Private equity: does incorporating ESG factors into investment decisions add value at exit?

Panel XVIII - Signatory feedback roundtable: Discussion on PRI Assessment: how do we determine best practice?

Panel XIX: A fine balance: investing in conflict-affected and high-risk areas

Roundtable discussion: investors present cases of dialogues with companies operating in Colombia, Libya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Israel using the UNGC/PRI Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict Affected Countries.


1:05-2:05pm - Lunch



Panel XX: Responsible investment and sovereign debt – what are the links?

Explores how ESG factors can offer an indication about the quality of governance of countries, and whether this can be incorporated into sovereign fixed income portfolio construction.


Panel XXI: Counting on confirmations

Voting at company meetings is time consuming and resource intensive. It is therefore vital that investors have confidence that their votes are being counted. Using examples from the US, UK, Netherlands and Australia, the session will discuss current obstacles in the voting chain which prevent investors monitoring of their votes.
(Northern Trust)

Panel XXII: Infrastructure/property


4:20-4:45 - Coffee break



Panel XXIII: Money for nothing? Executive remuneration in the light of the crisis, and research on its role in incentivisation


5:30-5:45 - Closure Session


All proceedings will be in English, simultaneous translation into Portuguese will be available.


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